Samsung Will Make Palm Reading Phone in 2018!

Washington: Samsung has announced that it is working on a smartphone that will read human palm and use it as a password. Upcoming Samsung Mobiles will have this exciting feature for its users.

Samsung has filed a patent request in this regard that will be able to read the lines of your hands. However, Samsung has said that it will not replace the biometric system like traditional fingerprints and face recognition. Samsung has called for these two ways to continue. Upcoming Samsung Mobiles will have both feature palm reading and biometric too. 

Upcoming Samsung Mobiles

Upcoming Samsung Mobiles

Maybe Samsung wants to make the smartphone more secure with the signs of the palm. According to another analyst, Samsung plans to use Hand as a password in the future smartphones.

Although responses to security questions can also do this, the person who knows answers to these questions can access your phone. Through this invention, Samsung’s phone will be able to use your hand impressions as the password by noticing them.

Whatever the reason is, Samsung phones are serious about security and it is working on new technology for this. However, after meeting the patent, it is not necessary that Samsung will use it immediately, rather it may take several years. Upcoming Samsung Mobiles in 2018 will have this feature if everything goes right.

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