Uber 57 Million User’s Data Hack Disclosed!

San Francisco: The world’s leading taxi service Uber revealed that it has paid the ransom of about $ 1 million for getting back the hacked data of its  57 million users.

According to the US media, data of millions of users of the Uber Company was stolen last year, the company had to pay a huge amount of million dollars to cyber hackers to get it back. Uber company told the administration that at the end of 2016, two people through the hacking got access to the company’s  57 million users’ personal data, including the name of the user, email address, phone number and 6 million drivers’ license numbers in the US.

Uber 57 Million Users Data Hack Disclosed

Uber 5 million users data hack disclosed

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Despite the scornfulness, the company kept its customers and drivers uninformed on which the British Institute of Data Protection said that this thieving is distressing and it has raised question marks on the issue of Uber’s data protection. The question has been raised now by the experts, what is the guarantee that hackers have not lost the thieved data after paying off compensation by Uber? However, Uber did not tell that how the hackers assured them of the data not being lost.

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