The Reason for SMS Death!

The Reason for SMS Death, if you believe in it or not, it is true that the SMS being considered as the source of the most popular mutual contact in the world is breaking away. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have started to replace it.

Yes, if daily 23 billion SMSs are now sent around the globe, then more than 35 billion WhatsApp and 25 billion Facebook Messenger messages are received by people. This has been revealed at the annual Facebook conference F8 previous days.

The Reason for SMS Death

The Reason for SMS Death

This means that people around the world are sending 60 billion messages daily from both platforms (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger), while mobile phones short messages have been left far behind in this race. Facebook messenger is gaining popularity briskly and has become the most thriving platform of Facebook. With 1 billion what’s app users and 90 million Facebook Messenger users, they have led other companies of the world?

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Due to the promotion of messaging apps connected to WIFI, 4G, and Internet, SMS messages have started to die gradually. Actually, SMS is expensive on some mobile phone companies, while mobile signals are also needed, and most importantly, it does not include advanced features like group chats and file sharing. The Reason for SMS Death.


On the other hand, with the fall of Text Messaging, new features are continuously being added to the messaging apps. They want to prove themselves alternative to SMS through every possible mean. Facebook and Microsoft have also introduced chat boots in Messenger and Skype to make them alternative for not only SMS but all other apps. Similarly, Google has recently announced to introduce Rich Communications Services as SMS alternative by the collaboration of various mobile phone companies, which will be presented to customers this year or next year. The Reason for SMS Death.


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