The Chinese Social Media Company Tencent Left Facebook Behind!

Shanghai: For the last several years, the social networking website Facebook has captured the whole world, but now the honor of Facebook has been broken by the Chinese company Tencent.

The social media and gaming company Tencent in China has left behind the worldwide American social network company ‘Facebook’ market share. Last day, the Tencent has included in the list of 5 largest companies in the world. According to the British media this year, the price of the Tencent Company in the stock market of Hong Kong has doubled and reached $ 531 billion in Hong Kong, crossing the Facebook worth of $ 529 billion. The company’s income has been more than the expectations of experts. However, Tencent is still much behind the King of companies in this field, Apple. Apple Company’s revenue in shares market is the US $ 873 billion.

The Chinese Social Media Company Tencent Left Facebook Behind!

The Chinese Social Media Company Tencent Left Facebook Behind

Tencent is also a social networking site like   Facebook. Its popular Video Chat (V Chat) on phone platform has almost one billion users where people can chat together, share photos, play games and can pay money. This app in China has revolutionized the technology industry.

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Founder of Tencent Company and China’s top businessman, Ma Hutong, who is also known as ‘Pony Ma’, give fewer interviews. He has said on this occasion that his company got more than 69% expected income this month.

The Tencent registered its publishing business as a separate unit in the Hong Kong stock exchange this year and now the Tencent is also spreading its feet in Malaysia. Senior Vice President of the Company, S. Wai Lao, said in an interview that the Tencent has got a license for the transaction of payments in Malaysia. Because Malaysia is indeed a very broad market and there are about two million users of V Chat.

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