Scientists Predicted Horrific Earthquakes in 2018!

Scientists Predicted Horrific Earthquakes in 2018. Two American specialists have said that whenever the circulation of earth undertones, terrible earthquake on the planet recur for the next few years and more earthquakes may occur next year, an example of which reflects in the recent earthquake in Iran and Iraq.

Scientists Predicted Horrific Earthquakes in 2018

Washington: According to a new but controversial study, more than average earthquakes can occur next year, which will occur at the places of the world, where the risk of earthquakes already exists.

The dangers can be predicted whether they are sea storms or flood, but it is almost impossible to predict one of the most destructive disasters i.e. earthquake. Although experts see the past of an area for this purpose they can predict the year after research on the history of earthquakes, movement of plates and other aspects, but it can consume decades, while it is too likely to make a mistake as well.

Scientists Predicted Horrific Earthquakes in 2018

However, now a team of American experts has said that the earthquake may occur more than the normal routine next year, and the cause may be a slight decrease in the rotation of the earth. Rebecca Bonda of the University of Montana and Roger Balham of the University of Colorado have written a research-based thesis, the details of which have been described in the annual Geological Society of America’s annual conference.

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The team has made charts of the world’s most intense ( 7 or more intensity on the rector scale) earthquakes since 1900 and has said that such earthquakes have occurred to the maximum 15 in number in one year and this range was smooth for the past 117 years. After that, the number of earthquakes has been noted from 25 to 30 in number, which is very high. Scientists Predicted Horrific Earthquakes in 2018.

However, on the other hand, experts have raised many questions on this research. They say that it is not necessary that molten materials in the earth become so powerful to get an earthquake on earth. Apart from this, liquid metals and internal heart have not yet been understood well.

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