Australia Legalizes Homosexual Marriage!

Same-Sex Marriage

Respecting the will of the public, Australian Parliament has broken down the years-long opposition and allows the same-sex marriage in Australia. There were just four votes against the Bill. The decision has been made democratically. “Majority is Authority”. Now, Australians can freely enjoy gay marriage.

Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, himself is overjoyed. He has been a strong supporter of same-sex union and has succeeded after 22 attempts of the referendum. It is a great victory. He says that Australia respects and deals fairly with everyone. This is our love and diversity of the people. Lawmakers joined hands with prime minister with eyes full of tears.

Same Sex Marriages 

The audience sang the national anthem, ‘I am Australian’.

According to the new law, the definition of marriage has been changed from ‘union of man and woman’ to ‘union of two people’.

Australia Legalizes Homosexual Marriage

The law presents couple benefits like employment and taxes etc. to the homosexual couples same like it has presented two heterosexual couples. Gay blood is innocent. So, Bill Shorten, a leader asked them for an apology because of a long period of delayed justice. Homosexual people have seen a vast period of ignorance. They have felt the pain when others were to decide their importance and they were openly discriminated.

The founder of Freedom to Marry, campaign for marriage equality in the United States, Evan Wolfson has expressed his happiness by considering this act as an authentication to the gay rights and dignity. The opponents have raised the question on religious grounds. There are religions which do not permit gay marriage. But the prime minister is of the view that gay people are no threat to any religion.  The debate has continued for four days and about 100 speakers spoke on the occasion. At the end of this debate, the staunch critic of same-sex marriage, the former Australian prime minister also softened.

same sex marriage

The story of a gay Parliamentarian is in the air. He and his partner have waited long. They have patriotically struggled by not migrating to other countries like Ireland which allow same-sex marriage. They have received public congratulations.

This act has reckoned the long homophobic historical record in Australia. Australians now believe that they will see a fall in the graph of teenage suicides due to issues regarding gender and sexuality as it happened in the United States. Many waiting people have settled the marriages at the spot heightening the effect of their triumph.


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