Russia, Banned on Participating in The Winter Olympics 2018!


Switzerland: International Olympic Committee has banned Russia to attend the Winter Olympics 2018 due to Doping.

Russia’s recent ban on the Doping complaint was held by the official patriarch during the hosting of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. During Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia’s anti-doping laboratory director Dr. Gregory Road accused Russia of running a planned doping program for her players. He claimed that Russia has made a medicine that helps to improve the performance of the players.

The World Counter Doping Agency, after these allegations, assigned the duty of investigation to Sports lawyer Dr. Richard McAllen and had formed a research committee led by former Swiss president Samuel Schmidt. The complaint was investigated for 17 months. Despite the continuous denial of Russia, the Schmidt report found that Russia’s anti-doping rules and systems had been corrupted.

The IOC chairman Thomas and the Board announced the verdict after studying research report and suggestions that the ban on all Russian Athletes persists. However, from 9th of February, the Russian players under Neutral flag will be eligible to participate in Schedule Winner Olympics in South Korea after satisfying with the proof of not being involved in doping.

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