Noppajit Monlin, Mother in Tears on TV After Failing To Recognise Son After Drastic Reconstructive Surgery

Noppajit Monlin

Bangkok: An interesting incident in Thailand came when the boy showed a face to her mother after plastic surgery and she refused to recognize him.

The 22-year-old Noppajit Monlin had a creepy jaw at the time of birth, and there were other problems on his face as well. His fellows ignored him in school and college. He was tired of people’s fun.

Fortunately, he was selected for a TV show in Thailand, which offers the free plastic surgery of the people involved and remove all their defects. The name of this show is ‘Let Me in’ in which people’s lives are improved.

Several operations of jaws, face and other features of Noppajit Monlin were carried out. Even the areas around eyes and forehead were also operated and in this way, he became a new personality, which is the surprise for the world. After this, his skin was smoothened by several steps, then he was kept at rest for 3 months and finally, he came in an apparel that his mother too refused to recognize him.


Noppajit Monlin

Navigate Montenegro went to his mother and said, ‘Mother, look at me, do you recognize me?’ The mother said on this, ‘Are you Poppajit Monlin? Are you really you?  Then she kept watching her son for a long time and eventually recognized him with his voice and light signs of surgery on his face.

In the show, Noppajit Monlin told that he himself is feeling very nice. People and society did not accept me but now people come to me and are becoming my friends.

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