Nokia has launched a Phone like Banana with Slider

Nokia has launched a Phone like Banana with Slider

Finland:  HMD Global in MWC 2018 unveiled the new phone of Nokia. It includes 4 smartphones and 1 feature phone. As we all know that Nokia much loved phone is 3310 and now the HMD launched a new phone is the similar fashion Nokia 8110 “Banana Phone”. Nokia 8110 is 4G and have more features to meet up the user need’s on today’s date and age.

Nokia 8110 4G phone is the second feature phone which is launch under the HMD. The company wants to recreate the success of Nokia 3110 with this new phone. The company main focus is on the Indian Market, where the market has the big demand for the feature phone.

Here are some features of the phone which you will definitely want to know.

Display: The Nokia 8110 4G sports a 2.4-inch QVGA display

Processor: It is powered by a 1.1GHz dual-core Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform

RAM: The feature phone comes with 512MB LPDDR3 of RAM

Internal storage: The handset will be offered with 4GB of internal storage

Rear camera: The Nokia 8110 4G feature phone sports a 2-megapixel rear camera

Software: The revamped “banana phone” will run Smart Feature OS

Battery: The feature phone houses a 1500mAh battery that promises to deliver a standby time of up to 25 hours and talk time of 9.32 hours on VoLTE.

Connectivity: Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS/AGPS, micro-USB 2.0, FM, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Nokia 8110 is now popular as “Banana Phone”, it has a unique curved design with a slider which covers the number pad of the phone. You can answer by sliding the cover and you can also cut the call by closing the slider.

Nokia has launched a Phone like Banana with Slider. Nokia has made an Android phone that you cannot bend even after millions of attempts. Also, the new model of the famous 1990s slider phone will be presented. Nokia Ethernet is built on a strong steel frame, which is being considered as the most smartphone available in the market, which you cannot bend with both hands. While the simple slider phone will remind the Nokia 8110 Matrix movie and several are there to buy.

Nokia mobile phone maker was a famous company who started selling smartphone again in 2017 and sold more than 80 million handsets this year. Thus, they came to Lenovo, leaving behind HT C and Sony. Now the new Nokia Ethernet will use Syriko android and version, which has introduced the Procure mode that provides all the essential features of camera control. The value of this phone that is offered for sale in April is starting at Rs. 92,000.

In Western countries, people are accustomed to keeping the phone in the back pocket of their paint and in this way the phone is shattered. The solution to this problem now is Nokia’s phone provider in the form of Syrico phones. According to some analysts, it will use 1Comcam 835 processor and 845 processor is faster and advanced. Nokia is trying to offer its products to the market through smartphone designing rather than its capabilities.

Nokia has launched a Phone like Banana with Slider. The Nokia 8110 phone is just like 20-year back slider phone to call the create slider phone. If the slider comes down, its pad is hidden. In the Matrix movie, this slider was animated with itself, but in 8110 itself f has to be down or down. Making phone value is equal to Rs. 10,000. If the slider is automated, its cost increases. Analysts say that the cost of circuits may be affected due to the higher value.

The Nokia 8110 4G feature phone has been priced at EURO 79 which is approximately Rs. 6300 and will be available during May 2018. India will likely be among the first markets to see the Nokia 8110 4G. HMD is yet to announce the India pricing of the Nokia 8110 4G, but you can expect to see it well under Rs 4,000. To recall, the Nokia 3310 was priced at Rs 3,310 when it was launched in India, so the pricing of the Nokia 8110 4G shouldn’t be too different.


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