Man had not gone to the Moon!

The man had not gone to the moon! New objection on the groundbreaking pictures of Apollo 17! The objection on Apollo 17’s footage has been the picture in the helmet of the astronomer. The picture of the man in the helmet is without the space suit.

 Washington: Despite thousands of evidence from NASA and other experts, critics still do not believe in stepping of human on the moon, and are constantly putting forward new controversies. Now, their latest objection has come forward in the new video of Apollo 17, which is a shadow of another person on a transparent helmet of an astronomer, which has not worn a space suit.

The Man had not gone to the moon

Man had not gone to the Moon!

This video is available on YouTube, in which objections have been raised on the last mission of the Apollo Program. The video has been further clarified via a software.   A YouTube user, Street Keep one, has clarified a video of Apollo 17 through modern software and the main point put forth is that there is a camera in the hand of the astronomer and the shadow is displayed on the front of his transparent helmet. But the person shown in the shadow is not wearing a specific space suit. Now if he is on the moon then the space suit is mandatory there. This way, this photo is fake and America has played a drama of going to the Moon.

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It must be cleared that every astronomer on the moon wear special clothes to escape rays and there is a presence of life support such as oxygen and water system on his back.

The Man had not gone to the moon 2

American astronomers went to the moon for the last time by Apollo 17. Yugan Sranan and Harrison Jack Schmitt had spent 22 hours on the moon, while another fellow Ronald Evans was around the orbit of the moon. Astronomers also took the samples of the moon’s atmosphere, geological conditions, and moon-rocks.

This video has been watched by more than 53,000 people and its shadow is being discussed well. ‘The picture is showing a human being who has not worn a space suit.’ It looks like a long-haired man is wearing a western coat.

Many people have also supported this video. A viewer has said that the image of white space suits did not appear clear due to lack of light and is no reason for the video to be fake.

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