Lars Andersen Archer Invented the Amazing Arrows Change Direction

Lars Andersen Archer Invented the Amazing Arrows Change Direction Lars Andersen Archer internationally renowned archer, Lars Andersen Archer makes such unique arrows, which can bend during the flight to aim out of sight target.

Lars Andersen has been making these arrows for many years, which can change their way during the flight and fly bent in the air. Lars Andersen has also made videos of these interesting stories that are becoming very popular.

Lars Andersen Archer

Lars Andersen Archer

These arrows in the air target the apparently invisible target. These special arrows have been massive uses in the medieval era. People call it ‘magical’ and ‘tricky’, but according to Andersen, it is completely in accordance with the principles of science because it is done, according to aerodynamics.

The advantage of such arrows had been that sometimes it became difficult to understand the direction of the arrows, and thus the enemy was more bitterly harmed. Similarly, these arrows also played an important role in hidden attacks. The said animations can be seen in Andersen videos.


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