How can you increase your wifi signals easily?

In this post, I have mentioned some of the very simples ways by which you can increase your wifi signals easily. There are some ways to increase the speed of WiFi, which can not only increase the expansion of the signal but also use it easily from anywhere in the house. With strong wifi signal speed of the Interest also increased and there is less buffering for searching. It feels very bad when your browser is searching for a long time. 

With the help of WiFi, we can work anywhere and easily. If we have bad Internet speed, then many people suffer from distress and intense pain because of their work because the WiFi is the most important requirement of the present. However, there are some ways that can help increase your WiFi speed so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. 

  •  The right direction of the Antenna

If you have two external antennas in your router, first of all, one of them should horizontally bend towards the top and the other side of the direction, because it will enable the signals to reach the place of use.

  • Keep wifi router in open space        

To save the router from water, dust, break, you can put it in a cabin or closed place, but this process reduces the router’s signal because the signal space absorbs its signal in the wood, it is better to The router should be kept in the maximum open space so that the internet will be able to get the appropriate speed.

  • Do not put the wifi router on the floor          

Avoid keeping the router, used at home especially on the floor because these routers are made in a manner that their signals can travel from top to bottom. But when these router are placed down on the floor, their signals remain lower than they go down, so it should always be placed at the top.

  • Keep wifi router away from electronic devices

Often keep the router in the house with a computer, television or telephone, and it feels the WiFi speed will accelerate when it is not really true because the electrical devices affect the router’s signal.

  • Put the router at the right place

The best place to keep the router is usually between the house and also a table or shelf pricing that allows the router in the room between the house to access the signals in the rest of the home.

  • Aluminum foil

If the WiFi Router signals are weak, wrap them on a router’s antenna with a meta penny (foil), such as aluminum foil (like a cap) because the Wi-Fi router comes from a wireless signal when metallurgy When it arrives, it takes place in the process of electromagnetic resonance, resulting in the normal power of the wireless signal increases by multiple times.


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