Best Travel Apps for Foreign Travelers!

Best Travel Apps 

Those Women and gentlemen who go to Europe, America, or Britain after long flights, on one hand, remain worried about the airport, aerial trips, time constraints and security checks. On the other hand, had to face difficulty finding many facilities in out of hometowns. They can install Best Travel Apps on their smartphones to overcome these problems.

However, due to smartphones and apps, many important facilities are on your finger movements. Below are described some useful Best Travel Apps which a traveler should have on their cell phones. It simplifies your journey as well as protect you from many difficulties.

Best Travel Apps

 1.  Packpoint

What to pack in the luggage!

Packing luggage and making a list of essentials is a problem. In the Packpoint you enter your destination and travel date, it will provide you a list of goods in terms of weather. Similarly, through a customized list you can grow or drop your list of goods. Women and gentlemen who go abroad should not ignore the weather because one of our friends in Columbus who went to Ohio in 2014 could endure cold and had to borrow a warm coat from the hotel.

2. Wi-Fi map!

This is a crowdsourcing app with free Wi-Fi hotspots available worldwide. So far, this app has an indication of more than 10 million locations and every moment it is increasing. Despite the hacking and spy threats in public places, it is a great app that can be very useful to you. Its map can also be downloaded offline and does not require to use mobile phone data.

Best Travel Apps

3. Google Translate!

Language identification is an important issue abroad, and in this case, the Google Translation app is no less than a blessing. So far it has the ability to translate 103 languages, while 59 languages can be priory downloaded without any connection, whereas 38 languages can be translated at the same time when you see a board or a meal menu on the road through a camera.  Although this app is not error-free, yet it is not too bad to operate.

4. Air BNB,

low-cost accommodation!

Due to the arrival of the internet, ordinary people are providing space to accommodate people in their homes and they advertise on this website. This accommodation costs a lot less than hotels and regular restaurants and the great number of people rely on this service. Air BNB is now available across the world including Pakistan.

5. Uber!

The Ober taxi service app is now available in almost every country. Even if you do not know the language of this country, the use of the Ober app is very easy. Whatever anyone says, Ober Taxi is cheapest worldwide. From the San Francisco International Airport, ordinary taxi takes $ 50 to $ 60, while Ober will charge you till destination, not more than $ 20.

Best Travel Apps theinfowall 3

6. Sit and Squat,

Public toilets app!

Supported to find toiletries abroad, this website has the database of one million public toilets in large cities around the world that appear via Google Map. This application will help you to work around the world for your excretion need.

Note: In this article, we did not mention Google Maps and other important apps because their daily use has become a routine. Above is the list of Best Travel Apps according to our point of view. You can share if you have any suggestion or any other Best Travel Apps for travelers.

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