Arnold Schwarzenegger in stable condition after heart surgery, “I am Back”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a very jokey remark when he woke up from the operation. Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger first words after the operation was “I’m Back”. Arnold Schwarzenegger is now 70 years old and in stable condition. He is recovering very fast from the medical procedure, which does on the Thursday in Los Angeles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now in stable condition after open-heart surgery, “I am Back”

Arnold Schwarzenegger spokesperson said that when he woke up after the operation he made a jokey remark in a twist to his well-known “I’m Back” catchphrase when he woke up from the operation. Daniel Ketchell also told that Arnold Schwarzenegger is awake now and his first words are I am back.

In this heart surgery, doctors replaced the valve, which replaced twenty years ago. Ketchell said that the previous heart pulmonic valve had outlasted its life expectancy. Now the former governor of California chooses to have a less invasive catheter valve replacement, the procedure this time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in a very good condition when he gives his interview to CNN and told about the changes they have done in the Republican Party. The former politician has been critical of Donald Trump’s presidential administration.

Arnold Schwarzenegger got popularity from the role of robot killer in the Terminator movie. The second famous movie was Conan the Barbarian over the next two years. The Austrian born former bodybuilder had gone through the heart surgery in 1997 to replace the valve. This heart surgery wan congenital and has nothing to do with the steroids.


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