A Fabricating Chemical Proved Effective Against Malaria

 a fabricating chemical effective against malaria

A Fabricating Chemical Proved Effective Against Malaria

California: The new research has found that a commonly used chemical blue dimethylene fastly destroy the parasites of malaria and it has no negative effect on humans. Experts from the United States University of California and Red Bound University Medical Center have successfully treated many patients with malaria in this color.

They also added Dimethylene Blue to another Chinese chemical and tested on different patients with malaria within two days patients recover from malaria. Another important point is if they are bitten second time by a mosquito, malaria cannot be spread to other patients, experts have published all this research in the scientific journal named Lynn, and the critics have declared it the end of malaria.

It is to clear that other used methods for treatment if a mosquito bites them after some days the parasite present in their blood can make ill the other healthy person but is not correct in case of dimethylene blue and with this kind of treatment the parasites in patient’s blood are destroyed. The reason is that after recovering malaria, the parasite of malaria remain in the blood for one week and this way other healthy persons can be affected.

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This color is researched by Tone boutique and his companions and according to the use of methylene blue for malaria, tissue can prove beneficial. Tone boutique more said that he has applied for this medicine on himself and from this, the urine color seems to be purplish that can be shocking for patients. So for this reason, by adding some citrus trying to remove this effect.

According to the Global organization (WHO) almost 21 million people catch malaria and from these 4 lac 29 thousand patients died and African children are on top of the list. Although this color is used earlier many times for medical purposes some implicit and harmful side effects are seen which is not discussed in this research.







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