16 Turkish women sentenced to death in Iraq

16 Turkish women were sentenced to death in connection with ISIS

Baghdad: A court of Iraq has sentenced 16 Turkish women were sentenced to death in connection with ISIS in Iraq. According to international media last year, hundreds of women have been arrested in the court since the start of the operation against ISIS in the past. So far, about 560 women and 600 children have been caught in crime for helping ISIS.

Iraq’s Central Criminal Court issued the sentence after “it was proven they belong to ISIS terrorist group,” Judge Abdul Sattar al-Beeraqdar, the High Judicial Council’s spokesman, said in a statement.
“The convicted women had confessed during the investigation they joined ISIS, marrying ISIS members and providing logistical aid to the group,” al-Beeraqdar added.

The Iraqi military has announced that now the nation is fully liberated from the ISIS in December 2017. The government is prosecuting the former members of this organization and the women are now marrying the devout men. There are hundreds of women who already surrendered to the Iraqi forces and are sentenced to death or life in prison. The humanitarian organization in the world saying that these women are facing unfair trial due to the perceived collusion with the ISIS. 

“In these cases, the women are getting the harshest possible sentences for what appears to be married to an ISIS member or a coerced border crossing. The Iraqi courts need to redirect their priorities,” Belkis Wille, a senior Iraq researcher at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement released last week.

The death sentence of the 16 Turkish women can be appealed. According to international media, about 1300 women had surrendered with their children since the operation of Iraqi forces in August, and 1700 women have been surrendered or have been arrested before the army. An Iraq court last week sentenced a woman from Turkey to death, besides 10 other women were sentenced to life imprisonment, as a German woman a month ago and a Russian woman in December a month ago. The woman was sentenced to death.

In addition to the 1,500 ISIS wives and children being detained, more than 7,000 foreign ISIS males are being held across Iraq while waiting to face trial. More than 90 have already been executed for their ISIS crimes. 



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