A 10-month-old baby’s weight be equal to a 9-year-old baby!

Mexico: A 10-month-old child is suffering from such a disease in the Latin American country of Mexico, due to which he always remains hungry. So, due to excessive diet, he has gained the weight of 9-year-old boy in just 10 months.

According to foreign media, Louis Manuel from Mexico is 10 months old but surprisingly weighs 30 kgs, which is usually a weight of a 9-year-old child.

Louis Manuel

Medical experts say that Louise is actually victimized by “Prader Willi Syndrome”. This disease is found in very few people due to a genetic disorder. The person feels hungrier in it and it not only prevents the baby’s growth but also his muscles.

10 months of baby weight equal to a 9-year-old child

Children with prey Valley Syndrome tend not only to grow like other children of their age due to rapid weight gaining but also risk to have a heart attack. Baby’s parents say that they are unable to treat the child due to poverty, so they have started fundraise campaigning for the treatment of Louise.

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